Friday, October 20, 2006

love letters revisited

I know I've already posted once about how much I like writing letters, but a few conversations lately have reminded me how important they are...

As I've said before, I believe all letters are love letters-- because if someone takes the time to write you a real letter, it's gotta be out of love, right? So here is what I think; a letter finds its purpose in the world when it is part of a conversation, part of a relationship. Relationships are give and take, missing pieces put back together, synergy... when two people-- and this goes for anyones-- create something between them that is bigger than two people, and still just a One. It's this crazy not-math where 1+1=1!!!!! But if letters go out into the world, and are lost to indifference or selfishness, incapability or self-absorbtion, then they are only words. I've found this to be particularly true of love letters, but I think it holds for the rest too.

I think love letters are written to capture nothing more than a moment so powerful you can't imagine letting it slip away. In my experience, it's been more like the letters are writing me... like there is all this emotion and purpose and clarity that has to get itself down on paper; like the letter has a life of its own. It has to become a tangible thing, an object of memory; it wants to be written, and read over and over, and stored somewhere secret and special and slightly scented... People hold on to love letters to remind themselves of themselves, of that moment of clarity, of yesness, of passion, and of the energy they once created, or wanted to create, with someone. I'll admit I've got my secret place all sorted out, it just needs a letter or two.

Anyway. Here I am, about to embark on yet another solo journey far away from home. I think it's the last one I have in me for awhile. My proirities are shifting, and as much as I love the synergy of letters, the way of absence making the heart grow fonder, I love hugs more. And I need to remind myself that I can be peaceful, and purposeful, and have pride in my work and my self wherever and however I choose to be.

But while I'm away, please write me letters. Put a little of your heart and soul down on paper, see how it feels, smells, lives and breathes... and send it to me. I promise to write back.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Generation Not Waiting

I consider myself to be a part of the generation that John Mayer keeps singing about. Quarter-life crisis, check. Looking for some Clarity, check, check. Waiting on the world to change? Hell No.

I get all heated every time this song comes on the radio. Do people not HEAR this anthem to apathy? "it's not that we don't care, we just know that the fight ain't fair so we keep on waiting waiting on the world to change". Pleeeeeeease.... The apathy of the youth of the 90s needs to get over itself. Waiting on the world to change? Stop that. Change the world. Be the words that you say. Stand up for something. Figure out who the hell you are and then BE that person. Vote as that person, work as that person, love as that person and change the world as that person.

If I had your resources and audience John, I would be doing something very Other than waiting on the world to change. Stop talking about your watch collection, and your love life (we really don't care), and talk about how we can change, how we are changing the world.

Because I look around me and see the people I love doing just that. Creating possibilities for themselves and acting like global citizens. Investing their lives by serving their countries, investing their time in teaching, investing their money in causes and orgainzations they believe in, investing their hearts in the people around them... and in people far away from them. None of these members of our generation are Waiting on the World to Change.

Get out of Hollywood and New York for a few minutes, John, and stop WAITING. What kind of excuse are you trying to make? Don't make any for me, please. I refuse to be a part of that crap.